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Low Cost Backcare©2012 is a scheme unique to chiropractic in the Frome Medical Centre; it is a scheme aimed at providing access to chiropractic treatment for low income earners and patients will be taken on to the scheme from February 2013. So, how does it work?

What does Low Cost mean? The principle is that the treatment fees are advanced on interest free credit, with repayments made at a rate of £20.00 per month (equivalent to £5.00 per week) either by credit card subscrition or Direct Debit. New patients are asked to pay the original consultation/admin fee of £19.00 up front; they will then have a course of treatment (in most cases this amounts to 4-8 treatments depending on the condition) and treatment fees will then be repaid at a rate of £20.00 per month.
Example: a Patient comes in on 2nd February, he/she pays the consultation fee of £19.00 and over the next 3 weeks there are a total of 4 treatments. Each treatment costs £34.00, therefore the total cost of £136.00 is put on credit; the first payment of £20.00 is then taken from card or bank one calendar month from start of therapy, the second payment one month after etc. until the fees are fully paid.

Who can join the Scheme? The Scheme is open to prospective patients who are on low incomes: those on Income Support, Pension Credit Support, Job Seeker’s Allowance, or Employment Related and Support Allowance (ESA). Documentary evidence will always have to be provided before acceptance to the Low Cost Backcare Scheme.

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