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A view towards the chiropractic and homeopathic clinic in the Frome Medical Centre opening in January 2013.

Helle Jones, DC, DipHom

Helle was born in Denmark and went on to qualify as a
micro-biologist, then working at the hospital in
Copenhagen. She later moved to England and qualified
from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic
in 1982.
She obtained her Diploma in Classical Homeopathy in
1985; and finally studied bio-energetic medicine
(homeopathy of the 21st century).

“I have now been practicing for many years in both chiropractic and homeopathy, and, as they say, “you never stop learning”. Every new patient is another challenge, and no two treatments are the same which is what makes my work so fascinating. I have particularly enjoyed treating babies and small children especially with the work I do in homeopathy: it is such a gentle yet powerful form of therapy which often provides wonderful results. More and more patients come to us suffering from various allergies, and this is probably a sign of the times with more pollution and artificial additives in foods. It is very satisfying using computrised equipment which makes tracking down individual allergy patterns so much easier.
I am now very much looking forward to many more years working in the new From Medical Centre, which is wonderful environment for local healthcare”.H J.

Ray Jones, DC, LicAc

Ray was born in Bordeaux, then lived in Paris until
the age of 10. He then moved with his
family to Surrey, obtained a BA in Economics,
Law and French from London,and qualified
as a chiropractor from the AECC in 1982. Ray
later obtained his Licenciate in Acupuncture
from the British School of Acupuncture, and studied
bio-energetic medicine with Lewith & Kenyon.

“Helle and I came across Frome purely by chance, literally passing through on our way back to Bournemouth from Bath. We were lucky to find the ideal property in Oakfield Road in Frome which acted as our clinic and home for many years. It wa a time when our small family was growing up and many of our early patients remember the 2 little boys looking down at the reception from the 1st floor!
After qualifying as chiropractors, both Helle and I were keen to expand our diagnostic and therapeutic options, and this is why we have a wide grounding in natural therapies which include manual therapies, acupuncture, homeopathy, bio-energetic medicine and nutrition.
Most of my work now is in the field of chiropractic in which approximately 60% of patients have low back pain with/without sciatica, 25% neck with/without shoulder and arm pain, and the rest is made up of conditions of the extremities, neck related headaches etc. I use a wide range of techniques: traditional dynamic hand manipulations, a mechanical manipulating gun, acupuncture, deep muscular techniques, pressure point technique, massage as well as rehabilitation exercise routines.
We are now very excited about working in Frome’s modern Medical Centre, and look forward to many more years working with local patients”.